New Music: Living Well – “With The One That I Love”

The rumors have been confirmed to be true. Not only is local band Living Well following through with releasing a debut album, it available NOW!

Bloomington label Crossroads of America Records announced today, with an awesome promo/demo video, that With The One That I Love, the debut album from Living Well is now available– and in a very special format. Available in limited quantities, early buyers will receive a custom-designed XRA/Living Well Euchre card deck that doubles as an album artwork PUZZLE and includes the download code for the full length album.

Forming in late 2011 by members of retiring local bands Alexander the Great (Bryant Fox, Ben Lumsdaine) and The Calumet Reel (Glenn Myers) and percussion extraordinaire Evan Chapman, Living Well played only a handful of shows before going through a brief hiatus and lineup changes. Swapping the traveling Myers for Aaron Denton, the band took its songs to the studio in late 2012.

Order your limited edition Euchre Deck/Puzzle set of With The One I Love today and enjoy the fresh, upbeat, summer rock of Living Well. While you wait, enjoy album track “Jingle Bells“.


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