A little something.

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. It’s easy to say that I’ve just been busy, but in truth, I’ve just felt less-inspired. And instead of letting guilt and aggravation set in, I’ve been embracing that truth. What does inspire me? Has that changed? Am I falling away from my music scene or getting too stuck in a niche? Honestly, I think it’s neither. Sometimes you have something to say, something you need to share; and sometimes… you don’t.

Today I am feeling inspired to share something, but it’s not about music; it’s a little something personal and I encourage you to take thought.

I always knew that I would go to college, it was something my parents wanted very much for my brother and me. However, when it came to deciding on a course of study, I had no clue what to focus on, so I thought about the things that inspired me to be excited, interested, and curious. I came up with two things: music and commercials. Now, with a blog like this it would be obvious that music is very important to me, but commercials… the medium of communication that drives our capitalist, consumer-driven culture? What I loved about commercials was the way that, much like music, a great ad could translate a message, theme, or action without necessarily being direct about it. A combination of words, sounds, symbols, and images could invite the audience to come up with their own translation of their needs, wants, and associations with the product or message. It’s an interesting kind of power that can easily be manipulated for the positive or for the negative, but I like to see its positive potential.

Even though I ended up opting away from the Marketing degree I originally pursued in school (the corporate influence of the program made me feel uninspired), I still love to find a great commercial with a powerful and important message. Check out this one from Dove. Just watch, take it in, and really think about what’s presented. It’s heartbreaking and amazing.


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