New Music: Sleeping Bag & Mike Adams at His Honest Weight Split “Heavyweights”

heavyweights jnr
Courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings

It’s just not summer in Indiana unless you are sitting on the porch couch on a hot day with a cold beverage and Sleeping Bag on the stereo. Lucky for us, Joyful Noise Recordings has just doubled this picturesque paradise with the announcement of a split album between the Bloomington trio and another great laid-back local band Mike Adams at His Honest Weight. The four-track, 7″ vinyl split entitled Heavyweights will feature one new track from each band: “Bummer School” from Sleeping Bag and “dmb” from Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, in addition to each act covering a song by the other: SB taking on “Don’t You Blanket When That Happens” and MAaHHW with “Desker”.

This split is going to last you through some great summer porch days, granted you have a record player, a sturdy table, and an extension cord. Limited to 300 copies on orange/magenta splattered vinyl, the 7″ will be co-released by Joyful Noise Recordings and Jurassic Pop Records. Order yours now.

Hopefully, you are familiar with both bands by now, especially as readers of this blog and/or followers of Indiana music. Sleeping Bag set the slacker-rock genre on high alert with its debut album Sleeping Bag (Joyful Noise 2011) and raised the bar even higher with 2012’s Women of Your Life. Mike Adams has been on the scene for a number of years as a memorable songwriter and musician in Bloomington bands husband&wife and Prayer Breakfast, while always dabbling in self-recorded solo projects on the side. Mike Adams at His Honest Weight emerged in full band glory in 2011 with the release of Oscillate Wisely (Flannelgraph Records). The band has since released a number of tracks on singles and compilations for both Flannelgraph Records and Joyful Noise Recordings.

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