New Video: Cooked Books – “Funny Games”

Bloomington band Cooked Books gave us all a reason to wake up with a smile and dance out of the post-July 4th haze. The band has just released the music video for track “Funny Games” from their highly anticipated (and much-delayed) debut release The Reader. Tagged on the video is a release date of July 31 on local label Let’s Pretend Records. In fact, the label describes the band’s sound best:

The debut album from a Bloomington, IN band born through a Craigslist ad titled “garage/psych/loud,” which intermingles the driving energy of classic ’70s punk with the sonic exploration of ’60s bad acid psych. Maintaining a pop familiarity through even the darkest and heaviest songs, The Reader is the perfect soundtrack to that point in the day when you’ve decided to pour yourself another cup of coffee after you’ve already started a beer.” via Let’s Pretend Records.

Cooked Books has quickly become one of my favorite bands to see live. Boasting some of Bloomington’s most talented musicians, the band’s eclectic psych-rock blend leaves everyone in the audience energized, addicted, and craving heavily for more music. The Reader is set for a run of 300 LPs on white vinyl. Pre-order yours now.


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