Surprise! Cooked Books “The Reader” LP is out NOW!

At the beginning of the month I shared with you the highly entertaining music video for local band Cooked Books‘ first single “Funny Games” from their yet-to-be-released debut album The Reader. At the time, word was that the record would drop July 31, but it seems the band just couldn’t wait to share it. (And with good reason… this album is BOSS) Full of reverb, jangly/spazzy guitars, tight drum attacks, wild vocals, and catchy choruses The Reader is immediately addictive.

The official album release show will still be on July 31 at The Bishop here in Bloomington, but for those of you who can’t attend, or can’t wait to memorize all the lyrics before the show, you can purchase the LP at these locations: (Remember, there are only 300!)

Bloomington, IN: Landlocked Music
Indianapolis, IN: Luna Music, Indy CD & Vinyl, VIBES Music
NYC: Academy Records

Not close to these places? ORDER the LP to your front door (or mailbox location)*

Let’s Pretend Records

*To be shipped on or near July 31

OR buy the digital album:bandcampiTunesAmazon

PS: If you can make it out the the album release show, please do, your ears will thank you, don’t forget to bring cash for the LP. Cooked Books is amazing live, plus the band is full of total cuties. Gotta see it in person.


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