Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid to Release “Dreamboats” Split

Sometimes the best musical collaborations come together like a romantic comedy. Midwesterner heads to the east coast, meets a stranger in a strange land. They hit it off, exchange text messages, then emails, and pretty soon the East Coaster heads to mid-America for a visit. The two inspired minds in one place? Exchanged ideas become reality.

This is pretty much the story of how Dreamboats came to be.

Cover art by Jordan Hudkins

Indiana label Jurassic Pop is releasing Dreamboats a six song split between Bloomington band Sleeping Bag and West Virginia band Rozwell Kid. Besides the excellent tunes, something I find particularly special about this spilt is that it’s less a ‘split’ in which two bands share album space, but more of a collaboration. Both songwriters, Dave Segedy of Sleeping Bag and Jordan Hudkins of Rozwell Kid, wrote the material together via email exchanges before finally getting together to record the songs. I sat down with Segedy to talk about the split.

HipsterSpinster: “How did you meet Rozwell Kid and how did this split come together?”

Dave Segedy: “We met when Sleeping Bag was on tour in Pennsylvania. We were playing on the same show. We got along really well right off, and ended up exchanging numbers. We’d been texting back and forth after the tour, and the idea of a split came together.

HS: “So the next step was getting everything together. In terms of a split, did Jordan write some songs and you write some songs? Did someone work on the music and someone the lyrics?”

DS: “We shot emails back and forth with demos we each had, and once we got a bunch of songs together, he came to Bloomington and recorded everything, just him and me. Every song is one that we collaborated on, mostly through email. On some songs I wrote most of it and Jordan added a certain guitar lick and vice versa. Some parts I sing on that I didn’t write, and some parts he sings that I wrote. Overall, the whole process took about half a year to finish. Jurassic Pop is releasing the split.”

HS: They’re based out of Lafayette, Indiana, right?”

DS: Yeah, they released our Heavyweights split with Mike Adams at His Honest Weight this past summer. And it’s being distributed by Old Flame, they’re based in New York and pretty much heard about the project and really wanted to get involved. Jordan made the artwork for the album.”

Artwork by Jordan Hudkins

HS: “So now that the split is finally coming out, do both bands plan to tour together?”

DS: “We’ll be touring together in November. We’ve got dates lined up in New York, Philadelphia, and here in Bloomington on November 16.”

HS: “I’m really excited for this split to hit listeners, especially given the big year Sleeping Bag has had. Since releasing Women Of Your Life, it seems things have been in overdrive for the band. Touring, releasing the Heavyweights split, working on the third album and even a few lineup changes have kept us fans on our toes.”

DS: “It’s been a busy year, a lot of work, but all for the better. The third album is already written, we’re looking to get in the studio at the end of the month to start recording. And we’ve had a few changes in band members, which is normal. I’m still on good terms with Lewis [Rogers] and David [Woodruff], they needed to focus on some other projects, Lewis’s other band Busman’s Holiday is working on a new album and David’s been focusing on his artwork. Bloomington has a lot of good musicians so Tyler Smith (guitar/vocals, formerly of Girlpool, Step Dads) and Glenn Myers (bass, formerly of The Calumet Reel, Heather French Henry, Living Well), have been playing in the band. It definitely expands things having new members, opens new possibilities.”

Taking on new possibilities seems to be leading Sleeping Bag in the right direction. Women Of Your Life was released to positive reviews commenting on its maturity and bolder sound. And this Dreamboats split marks the Sleeping Bag’s third split release to date, demonstrating a band that is unafraid to collaborate, explore, and share the spotlight. As far as what to expect from Dreamboats: cymbals, guitars, and odes to adorable rodents, a Lil Bub onesie model, alternative snacking options when the chips run out, and more of life’s daunting topics. The cover doesn’t lie; it’s a real chill listen.

You can order your copy of Dreamboats now via Jurassic Pop. The split is available now on CD and 12″ black vinyl. There is also a limited edition 12″ Pink & Blue Vinyl available for preorder, only 100 of these out there so order yours now and you’ll have it just in time for the tour. *Each physical order includes a digital download!


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