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LaughMy name is Nicole and I’m a music enthusiast, writer, and musician. I love to listen to music, talk about music, read about music, and on occasion play music. I started this blog when I was living in Bloomington, Indiana, immersing myself in its always changing and always inspiring music scene. So many talented musicians come together there and pass through there, it has truly been an inspiration to write for and about the scene.

Since then, I’ve relocated to Indianapolis and taken an unscheduled hiatus from this blog. Time and work have been huge factors, but ultimately, like with any artist inspiration comes and goes. Sometimes you have a lot to say and the words just pour out like an endless fountain, other times you struggle just to make a piece come together. This is definitely not the end of the HipsterSpinster blog, I hope to get back to it with time. But until then, THANK YOU for all of you who have read this blog, shared it, and submitted your music. Your inspiration is my inspiration.

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  1. Hi Nicole, I just read your review of Ben Kweller from last week and the news of Dino Jr’s new label. Great job!

    I’m seeing Kweller play this Friday night in Philadelphia and was just hoping to find some reviews from recent shows. Thanks.


  2. Hi Nicole,

    I am a former Bloomington resident now living in Berlin, I have really enjoyed your blog as I have very fond memories of my time in Bloomington and the area music scene.

    If you would like to hear what a West Viriginian, Bloomingtonian, Dubliner, Berliner mut sounds like have a listen here http://www.ericeckhart.com. Hope you enjoy! All the best and thanks for your work on this blog!! Eric


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