Live Session: Prizzy Prizzy Please on Banana Stand Media

Prizzy Prizzy Please
Click image to stream and download the PPP Session!

April 20 is right around the corner to bring us Prizzy Prizzy Please‘s new album Chroma Cannon, and I couldn’t be more excited. I know the Prizzies are located in “Chicago” now, but they will always be a Bloomington band to me, because this is where they came together and became the amazing band that they are today. I couldn’t be more excited for the new album, and I’m way glad they’ve decided to do an extended album release party here in Bloomington on April 24 @ The Bishop.

But while you are itching with anticipation for that, feast your ears and downloading delight on this! Continue reading “Live Session: Prizzy Prizzy Please on Banana Stand Media”


One for the GaGa Haters

Last week I posted this video in the “In Love” section of the blog, which features mostly videos (music, comedy, tv shows) that I happen to be really enjoying at the moment. I just couldn’t get the cover out of my head because being a “hipster” (read: into mostly indie music and tends to ignore the  mainstream) as well as a GaGa fan (yes, they CAN co-exist) there’s nothing I love more than seeing her tooth-achey pop songs stripped down into just song. Continue reading “One for the GaGa Haters”

New Song: Maps & Atlases “Solid Ground”

A little under a month after announcing that they’ve signed to a new label (Barsuk), Maps & Atlases have a new song, “Solid Ground” available for listen on their MySpace from their upcoming album perch patchwork.  The album is due out June 29 (but you can sign up for pre-order info NOW) with 12 tracks including already released tracks like “Israeli Caves”, “Banished be Cavalier”, and “Pigeon”.  Catch the band on tour now through May to hear more songs from the upcoming album.

Click here to listen to “Solid Ground”, also available for stream on the band’s MySpace and Facebook pages.

Live video of “Solid Ground”

Andy D on LaundroMatinee

Someone asked me just the other night what the big deal is with Andy D. And it just seems like such an easy question to answer: It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it’s hilarious. Andy D makes funny, dirty, party music that is just catchy and entertaining as hell. If you don’t understand that, you are taking it all way too seriously. And if you haven’t seen him live yet, GO, it makes all the difference in any opinion you previously had of him. I’ve yet to see anyone walk away from an Andy D set NOT having a good time.

Anyway, rant over. Andy D recently performed a showcase at Indy’s Local Music Git Down, and LaundroMatinee took the opportunity to record a few songs and even get an interview. Check it out here.

Daytrotter Session: Cast Spells

Click image to check out the Cast Spells Daytrotter Session

I am telling you, this is a GREAT week. Even though the weather is dismal today (rainy/windy/cold/gray) I’m still running on the enthusiasm of the show I saw last night at the Bishop (The Extraordinaires, the Delicious, Paul Baribeau, Hop Along). To make the day even sweeter, Daytrotter finally posted the session they recorded with Cast Spells in the fall of 2009. It’s a great session with really stripped down versions of “Pioneer Scalps”, “Potted Plant”, and “Glamorous Glowing” Continue reading “Daytrotter Session: Cast Spells”

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