New Music: Triptides – “Colors” EP

"Colors" by Triptides

While there is a lot of (well-deserved) attention out today for the release of Mike Adams At His Honest Weight’s Best of the Boiler Room Classics, I want to take some time to turn your ears toward another great release by a Bloomington band today.

Colors is the latest release by local psychedelic, surf-y rockers Triptides. The EP is out today on Jaunt Records with both a digital format and a limited edition cassette. Continue reading “New Music: Triptides – “Colors” EP”


It’s April?? Hibernation is over??

Hey there! Do you still read, follow, and/or subscribe to this blog? Because if so, I am thankful for you. It’s easy to get caught up in winter up here in the Midwest. The cold drags on, you go to work and come home, you feel drained and a little less inspired. At least I do. Well, the sun popped out this weekend and we hit 70 degrees in Bloomington. I put on shorts and am feeling alive.  Continue reading “It’s April?? Hibernation is over??”

Episode 2: The Mike Adams Show

The second episode of The Mike Adams Show has made its way to YouTube and is full of laughs, stories, and wonderful guests. This episode is all about the letter “E” featuring guests Erin Tobey (musician, artist, role model), Eric Harvey (music writer, blogger, graduate student, and musical guest Elephant Micah. Addison Rogers made a triumphant return, accepting a co-hosting role. And lastly, with the addition of a hamburger candle it’s obvious that this episode is not to be missed.

Produced by Flannelgraph Records

New Video: The Grayces – “Old Man” (Live on WFHB)

As I’ve mentioned, I host a weekly radio segment on Bloomington’s WFHB Community Radio station called Local Live. A few weeks ago we featured a rockin’ trio from Nashville, TN called The Grayces. If you haven’t checked out that band I highly recommend it Continue reading “New Video: The Grayces – “Old Man” (Live on WFHB)”

Upcoming: Meat Puppets @ The Bishop (April 9)

Mark your calendars now because Meat Puppets are coming to Bloomington.

Press Photo
Press Photo

Legendary rockers Meat Puppets will perform at The Bishop in Bloomington on April 9 and even if you aren’t a huge Meat Puppets fan, you should consider going. Formed in Phoenix  AZ in 1980, Meat Puppets have not only made their own lasting impact in the musical world, but have also been influential to many bands including Nirvana, Dinosaur, Jr., Soundgarden, Pavement, and more Continue reading “Upcoming: Meat Puppets @ The Bishop (April 9)”

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