A Holiday Message from Lil Bub and Andrew WK

If you follow this blog, you should be aware by now that I am based in Bloomington, IN; a Midwestern college town, a music scene, and most recently the hometown of Lil Bub, the internet cat that could.

She’s turned this town and this world upside down in joy with her cute little face and her cute little ways. I don’t even like cats, and I’m on Team Bub. This feline and her awesome owner have done great work this year spreading the word for animal shelters and related causes.

Well, now someone else is on Team Bub, and it’s none other than our nation’s positive party animal Andrew WK. Check out this sweet message from the both of them brought to you by VICE.


New Music: “The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten: Volume 3” – Flannelgraph Records

Artwork by Gavin Smith

The third installment of local record label Flannelgraph Records‘ holiday compilation The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten is now available! For those unfamiliar with the project, each year since 2010, Flannelgraph Records has released a compilation album of original, instrumental, holiday-inspired songs contributed from musicians, bands, and friends of the label. Continue reading “New Music: “The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten: Volume 3” – Flannelgraph Records”

Are You Registered To Vote?

Hey all!

I know the last place you want to hear about politics is here, but the voter registration deadline in Indiana is TODAY, so I’ll keep it simple.

I used to be someone who ‘didn’t care about politics’. Seemed like a bunch of adults arguing over things that didn’t matter. Then I went to college, and I became more aware how much government decisions affected me. I attended a public university which meant a lot of the higher education aid such as student loans, grants, and scholarships that was available to me was subject to state and federal government scrutiny and decision making. Even matters that affected me earlier in life such as minimum wage and available health care insurance are all decisions that are up to political law and policymakers.

Public services such as public radio and television, health services, city infrastructure and arts funding are all subject to the decisions made by those we put in office. How important are those services to you? What options would you have if those weren’t available? There are some decisions that I can’t afford to not put forth my opinion on, even more, there are people who need some services more. By voting, I can help ensure that those services stay available and IMPROVE for myself and others.

Whether or not you are decided on your candidates, PLEASE take the time to REGISTER TO VOTE, so that at least you have the opportunity to exercise your right should you want to.


Need to register? Check with your local/state registrar’s office or here. Indiana voters: www.indianavoters.com

Indiana Deadline is TODAY, are you unsure if you are registered? Do you know your polling location? Check here
*you may need to update your voter registration if you have moved within the same county in the last year or so!

How do you feel about public issues such as health care, civil rights, road construction, or even farm aid and GMO foods?? There is likely a candidate who feels the same way. VoteEasy is great tool to compare your opinions on major issues with state and federal candidates. You may learn how important certain issues are to you, and be surprised at the candidates who are most aligned with your ideals!

Have the polling rules changed in your district?Is EARLY VOTING available? There have been recent changes in many states and districts on what forms of ID are needed at the polling location to vote. Sarah Silverman is on the lookout, but be sure to check with your local office!

Lastly, please register to vote, know HOW, WHERE, and WHEN to vote, and know who is on your ballot (local, state, and federal)!

Video from 2008, but still a great message!

Kickstarter: Seven Inches of Heaven with husband&wife

Alright, this is it. The moment many have been waiting for. One of Bloomington’s most beloved bands husband&wife, is ready to make a new record, and we all know how long that can take. These hardworking guys take their time to craft their songs, recordings, and every detail of the physical component. At times they’ve taken up to five years to release new work. Want to help bridge the gap between you and the next husband&wife release? Support the band!

husband&wife has taken on its first Kickstarter campaign called Seven Inches of Heaven with husband&wife. What’s it all about? The band is preparing and raising funds to release its next musical project, a two-song 7″ vinyl single. Now, as I said, they’ve been known to take their time; the last time this band released a 7″ was in 2005, a split single with then-Marion, Indiana band Away With Vega. Do the math folks, that’s seven years and one defunct band ago. With your help the single can be in the hands of fans (yourself included) as early as February 2013 (which means a full-length album won’t be too far behind!)

There are tons of GREAT rewards planned for those who lend financial support, so head on over to the Kickstarter page and find an amount that fits your budget and a gift for your generosity! In only three days, the campaign has already met 75% of its goal, and there is no pledge to big or to small to help this project reach 100%!

PLEDGE NOW: Kickstarter – Seven Inches of Heaven with husband&wife

More about husband&wife
Crossroads of America Records

Musical Delights & Rare Albums Up For Bids In Online Benefit Auction

If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed quite a few posts lately about an online auction. If you haven’t checked it out yet, PLEASE DO IT! This is an amazing effort put together by Bloomington concert promotion company Spirit of ’68 Promotions, with the help and support of indie musicians and labels, to help raise funds for a dear friend of mine and his newborn son. Continue reading “Musical Delights & Rare Albums Up For Bids In Online Benefit Auction”

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