Best of 2012: Drummers in the Front

Looking back at 2012, a trend I seemed drawn to in the local scene was that of drummers in bands boldly stepping out from being simply the “rhythm keeper in back”. Sure, multi-instrumentalists have been out there forever, but this year more and more drummers either put aside their sticks to release new musical projects playing anything but the drums, swapped instruments in new bands, or fronted the band from the set. Continue reading “Best of 2012: Drummers in the Front”

New Music: Shannon Hayden – “Solid State Cello”

Sometimes ‘multi-instrumentalist’ just doesn’t say enough. Shannon Hayden is one such example. On first glance, she’s a classically trained cellist, but only moments into her music listeners are thrown for a loop…literally. Continue reading “New Music: Shannon Hayden – “Solid State Cello””

This Sunday: Charles Bradley @ The Bluebird

Charles Bradley is performing at The Bluebird this Sunday, February 19 courtesy of Spirit of ’68 Promotions, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

I can hardly contain my excitement with the knowledge that in barely 48 hours, Charles Bradley “The Screaming Eagle of Soul”, will be on stage in Bloomington for a second time. As if the brief set he performed last year opening for The Budos Band wasn’t amazing enough, Sunday night’s headlining set at The Bluebird should be nothing short of life-changing. Continue reading “This Sunday: Charles Bradley @ The Bluebird”

5 Reasons You Should Buy Sleeping Bag’s “Sleeping Bag”

Debut LP from out on Joyful Noise Recordings NOW!

Sleeping Bag the self-titled album from Bloomington latest favorite rock band is out TODAY and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve been pretty pumped about this album for almost a year now and have shared that quite extensively on this blog so I’ll keep things short and give you FIVE reasons your should add this album to your collection RIGHT NOW! Continue reading “5 Reasons You Should Buy Sleeping Bag’s “Sleeping Bag””

R. Stevie Moore Lands in Bloomington

It’s been a week since I was introduced to R. Stevie Moore and his music, and I am still finding the words to describe the experience.  Deemed a “lo-fi legend” and “Father of Home Recording”, Moore has recorded over 2,000 original songs from 1968 until present and is currently embarking on his first national and international tour.  I wasn’t familiar with Moore nor his music prior to meeting him, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I found was that the many years of practice, exploration, and making music mainly for self-enjoyment has given R. Stevie Moore a quality that most musicians today forget to nurture in their rush to record and get noticed: musical curiosity. Continue reading “R. Stevie Moore Lands in Bloomington”

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