TONIGHT: Wolf People @ The Bishop (…finally).


I have been waiting for Wolf People to come to Bloomington for four years. They will be playing at The Bishop tonight with Lonnie Holley and local psych-rock lovelies Cooked Books. I really think you should come to this show for many reasons, but I’ll outline the big ones below Continue reading “TONIGHT: Wolf People @ The Bishop (…finally).”


Cloud Control Hits the USA (but not the Midwest)…again.

I’m always contemplating my grand exodus from the Midwest, but I really get the urge to just pack everything in the car and leave when my favorite foreign bands finally visit the U.S, play only a limited number of dates, and skip the Midwest like there’s nothing out here but corn. But alas, this is the case again with one of my faves Australia’s (but we’ve been living and recording in London) Cloud Control. Continue reading “Cloud Control Hits the USA (but not the Midwest)…again.”

It’s April?? Hibernation is over??

Hey there! Do you still read, follow, and/or subscribe to this blog? Because if so, I am thankful for you. It’s easy to get caught up in winter up here in the Midwest. The cold drags on, you go to work and come home, you feel drained and a little less inspired. At least I do. Well, the sun popped out this weekend and we hit 70 degrees in Bloomington. I put on shorts and am feeling alive.  Continue reading “It’s April?? Hibernation is over??”

Every Sky Needs A Little Cloud Control

Okay guys. I have to tell you something. I’ve only been in Sydney for two weeks…and I’m in love. I would usually tell you that love at first sight is for idiots, that it’s unreal and all about false pretenses and superficiality, but I can’t help it. Continue reading “Every Sky Needs A Little Cloud Control”

Found Objects, Chemic, husband&wife, Metavari @ the Pint & Slice

The past couple of days have been pretty awesome. The weather has been nice. I went on a decent bike ride, and I got to see some of my friends from Bloomington.

This past Sunday I saw two great shows in one day. Chemic, from Louisville, KY, stopped by the Wooden Nickel for an in-store performance that was wonderful. Unfortunately due to a last minute change in time, the show was sparsely attended, but the band still put on a great show. Scott Kirkpatrick as a refreshingly soothing voice that carries you away through their folksy tunes. Here’s some videos from their show, you can find more here. Continue reading “Found Objects, Chemic, husband&wife, Metavari @ the Pint & Slice”

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