Daytrotter: Kalispell

Illustration by: Johnnie Cluney

After a long day, I couldn’t imagine a better way to unwind than with a beautiful acoustic session on Daytrotter from my faves Kalispell. The five-in-four song session features “Lucky a Hundred Times”, a combined arrangement of “Marion, MT”, and “Fly Over” from Westbound, and two folk renditions that the band has been touring with “Beautiful Doll” and “Darling Cory”. Continue reading “Daytrotter: Kalispell”

DIT Sessions: Kalispell – “What For”

D.I.T. (Do It Together) Kalamazoo recently posted a video from its live DIT Sessions featuring Kalispell, this time in the form of Shane Leonard (vocals, banjo) accompanied by Jess McIntosh on fiddle. The duo performed a more recent Kalispell tune called “What For“, which was inspired on the short story “Goodbye, My Brother” by John Cheever, and has easily become my new favorite. Aside from the excellent arrangement, note the fine fiddle work by Jess McIntosh. Apart from Kalispell, Shane and Jess have collaborated in an old-time duo called Stoop Singers.

DIT Sessions: Kalispell — “What For”

Also from the Kalispell DIT Session:

WFHB Local Live with Merrie Sloan & Her Mighty Fine Men

Merrie Sloan & Her Mighty Fine Men on WFHB's Local Live. Photo by Jim Manion
Merrie Sloan & Her Mighty Fine Men on WFHB’s Local Live. Photo by Jim Manion

One of my gigs in my non-blog life is hosting Local Live on WFHB Community Radio which broadcasts throughout Bloomington, Nashville, and Ellettsville, Indiana. This week’s musical guest was the talented musician and songwriter Merrie Sloan and her accompanying Mighty Fine Men. Merrie Sloan has been a staple in the local music scene, performing her own songs as well as supporting other bands for over 20 years. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Sloan has been known to play guitar, bass, piano, and even accordion. Give the session a listen/download here. Continue reading “WFHB Local Live with Merrie Sloan & Her Mighty Fine Men”

Daytrotter Session – The Donkeys


San Diego quartet The Donkeys recently made its fourth session with Daytrotter performing songs from 2011’s Born With Stripes (Dead Oceans). Continue reading “Daytrotter Session – The Donkeys”

Daytrotter Session: Kimya Dawson

Daytrotter Session: Kimya Dawson

I would say that Daytrotter must love Halloween to have released so many great sessions yesterday, but in truth, that site is putting up amazing sessions weekly, Halloween just happened to be dashed in the middle. On top of releasing the Stagnant Pools session yesterday, that band also released a session by one of my favorite artists Kimya Dawson.  If you don’t know Kimya’s music, please check it out. Her honest, to-the-point, and imaginative songs are so inspiring and fun, I find it hard to believe there are people out there who don’t like her music. (If you are one of those people, I really just don’t think you are listening closely enough.) Check out her session at Also, read her blog, it’s great.

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