Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid to Release “Dreamboats” Split

Sometimes the best musical collaborations come together like a romantic comedy. Midwesterner heads to the east coast, meets a stranger in a strange land. They hit it off, exchange text messages, then emails, and pretty soon the East Coaster heads to mid-America for a visit. The two inspired minds in one place? Exchanged ideas become reality.

This is pretty much the story of how Dreamboats came to be. Continue reading “Sleeping Bag & Rozwell Kid to Release “Dreamboats” Split”


It’s April?? Hibernation is over??

Hey there! Do you still read, follow, and/or subscribe to this blog? Because if so, I am thankful for you. It’s easy to get caught up in winter up here in the Midwest. The cold drags on, you go to work and come home, you feel drained and a little less inspired. At least I do. Well, the sun popped out this weekend and we hit 70 degrees in Bloomington. I put on shorts and am feeling alive.  Continue reading “It’s April?? Hibernation is over??”

Kalispell Announces Album Release Date

Photo by Zachary Oliphant

The best news came this week as Kalispell, the alt-folk band that swept me away last year, finally announced that a full-length album, Westbound, will make its official release on May 17. The Eau Claire, Wisconsin band made quite a splash throughout the Midwest scene last year with a number of small tours, mostly taking place in houses and coffee houses. Primarily the music of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shane Leonard, Kalispell is a soft and heartfelt musical project that combines passionate folk lyrics with a colorful blend of piano, string instruments, and light percussion. Leonard’s steady-yet-soulful vocal delivery and image-filled lyrics top the beautiful mix, leaving listeners in an emotional trance.

I’m already in love with the three songs on Kalispell’s Last Year EP, I can’t wait for what surprises are in store for Westbound. To keep fans on their toes, the band has made a few teaser trailers:

This Sunday: Charles Bradley @ The Bluebird

Charles Bradley is performing at The Bluebird this Sunday, February 19 courtesy of Spirit of ’68 Promotions, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

I can hardly contain my excitement with the knowledge that in barely 48 hours, Charles Bradley “The Screaming Eagle of Soul”, will be on stage in Bloomington for a second time. As if the brief set he performed last year opening for The Budos Band wasn’t amazing enough, Sunday night’s headlining set at The Bluebird should be nothing short of life-changing. Continue reading “This Sunday: Charles Bradley @ The Bluebird”

Start Kicking: Two Indiana Musical Causes That Need Your Support

Two new Kickstarter campaigns caught my attention this week and BOTH are from musical projects based in Indiana. If you are not quite familiar with Kickstarter yet, it is a popular “crowdfunding” website, meaning people can set up online profiles detailing projects that they are raising funds to complete with a deadline and fundraising goal. Anyone who visits the page has an open opportunity to pledge money toward the project’s completion. If the goal amount is raised by the set deadline, the project will be funded by those pledges. If the goal amount is not met, the project is not funded, and none of the pledges are carried through. It’s a great way to not only raise funds for projects that may otherwise not happen, but to a way to connect people, ideas, and common interests. It also helps spread awareness and creativity. Continue reading “Start Kicking: Two Indiana Musical Causes That Need Your Support”

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