For Kicks

This is the page where I’m letting you know what I am currently in love with, whether that be music, videos, articles, books, etc. (BEWARE: This page is constantly changing!)

This Week:

[1] Warpaint

For some reason, I have never listened to Warpaint until this past week. My ears have been awakened and I am now obsessed. This band is so incredibly talented, I love their sound, the enjoyable doom of their music, and their creative lyrics. My current favorite track is “Elephants”


[2] The Weight: Take a Load Off ANNIE or FANNY??

The past summer I had a question burning in my mind that just needed to be answered, so I asked my friends. When it comes to the popular song “The Weight” by The Band, are the lyrics “Take a load off Annie?” or “Take a load off Fanny?” The answer seems obvious, but every other person seemed to be sure it was Annie OR Fanny. Apparently, the topic has been up for debate for quite some time. Here’s how the poll went:

The Weight

What’s your take? Annie vs. Fanny

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