5 Reasons Why You Need to Hear Barrence Whitfield & the Savages’ “Dig Thy Savage Soul”

I’ve been busy, you’ve been busy. It happens. But when you let being ‘busy’ take you away from things you want and should do for yourself, you’ve stopped living for simply existing. Not acceptable.

Thankfully, I saw the light and decided that the cure for my “busy trap” was to check out the new album Dig Thy Savage Soul from Barrence Whitfield & the Savages. The album came out last month on Bloodshot Records and has been glaring at me from my To-Do list for far too long. It was just the right prescription. And now I’m sharing the dose with you. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why You Need to Hear Barrence Whitfield & the Savages’ “Dig Thy Savage Soul””


Surprise! Cooked Books “The Reader” LP is out NOW!

At the beginning of the month I shared with you the highly entertaining music video for local band Cooked Books‘ first single “Funny Games” from their yet-to-be-released debut album The Reader. At the time, word was that the record would drop July 31, but it seems the band just couldn’t wait to share it. Continue reading “Surprise! Cooked Books “The Reader” LP is out NOW!”

Cloud Control Hits the USA (but not the Midwest)…again.

I’m always contemplating my grand exodus from the Midwest, but I really get the urge to just pack everything in the car and leave when my favorite foreign bands finally visit the U.S, play only a limited number of dates, and skip the Midwest like there’s nothing out here but corn. But alas, this is the case again with one of my faves Australia’s (but we’ve been living and recording in London) Cloud Control. Continue reading “Cloud Control Hits the USA (but not the Midwest)…again.”

New Music: “Roll Around” – The Khanz

A great experience abroad changes a person. It doesn’t matter how long or short your visit is, connecting with another world gives you a personal attachment that lasts a lifetime. I’m convinced Sydney, Australia is my spirit animal and I love keeping tabs on the bands I was introduced to during my time there (and some even after I left!)

Sydney band, The Khanz, have just released “Roll Around“, the first single from their upcoming, yet-to-be-titled, debut album. “Roll Around” takes its cue from the realization of how impulse and desire can take over clear thinking. Sometimes we just get in over our heads. Of course, The Khanz deliver this message in their upbeat electro-pop-rock hybrid style which includes adorable dance-worthy beats, chilling vocal harmonies, and well-balanced use of keyboards and guitars. The band’s new album is currently in production, but in the meantime you can enjoy “Roll Around” via SoundCloud, Spotify, or iTunes.

New Music: Sleeping Bag & Mike Adams at His Honest Weight Split “Heavyweights”

heavyweights jnr
Courtesy of Joyful Noise Recordings

It’s just not summer in Indiana unless you are sitting on the porch couch on a hot day with a cold beverage and Sleeping Bag on the stereo. Lucky for us, Joyful Noise Recordings has just doubled this picturesque paradise with the announcement of a split album between the Bloomington trio and another great laid-back local band Mike Adams at His Honest Weight. Continue reading “New Music: Sleeping Bag & Mike Adams at His Honest Weight Split “Heavyweights””

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