New Video: Maps & Atlases “Old Ash”

Maps & Atlases released a new video today for “Old Ash” from last year’s Beware & Be Grateful. Continue reading “New Video: Maps & Atlases “Old Ash””


Album Review: Maps & Atlases “Beware and Be Grateful”

On April 17th, Chicago band Maps & Atlases released its second full-length album on indie label Barsuk Records, and in so many ways, this new album Beware and Be Grateful has been a long time coming. It’s hard to know where to begin, but I’ll start with the first thought that came to my head as I made my way through the album: ‘this is the album that I always knew this band could make.’ There is something about the songs, the music, the vocals and lyrics that are deeply personal in a way that this band has never been before. Where the previous release Perch Patchwork had a tone of experimentation and ‘let’s try this and see what happens’, Beware and Be Grateful is dripping of creativity and an air of liberation that was lacking from the last album. Continue reading “Album Review: Maps & Atlases “Beware and Be Grateful””

Maps & Atlases Mousertime Session: “Be Three Years Old”

If you’ve been in love with the new Maps & Atlases album Beware and Be Grateful, you’ll love this exclusive performance of “Be Three Years Old“, the album’s seventh track. It’s a tune the band has been playing for years, as well as one that frontman Dave Davison has dusted off time and time again in his solo performances. And even hearing the new, juiced-up version, I can’t help hearing it playback in my head and sounding like this version which recently captured for a Mousertime Session:

New Video: Maps & Atlases “Remote & Dark Years”

Just as I was working my review for the new Maps & Atlases album, Beware and Be Grateful, I received a notification in my blog reader that the band just released a new music video for may favorite track on the album “Remote & Dark Years“. If you haven’t checked out the new album yet, please do, once I finally wrestle apart my thoughts and finish this review, I can give you more concrete reasons why, but for now, just know that it’s a great collection of songs and shows this band is constantly maturing, exploring, and creating in a positive way. Continue reading “New Video: Maps & Atlases “Remote & Dark Years””

Maps & Atlases to Perform In-Store, New Album Available to Attendees

If you are thinking, ‘Wait, wasn’t Maps & Atlases just in Bloomington?‘, you would be correct. However, the fates have aligned in our favor and Maps & Atlases will be BACK this Friday, April 6 for a special in-studio performance at downtown record store, Landlocked Music Continue reading “Maps & Atlases to Perform In-Store, New Album Available to Attendees”

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