Musical Delights & Rare Albums Up For Bids In Online Benefit Auction

If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed quite a few posts lately about an online auction. If you haven’t checked it out yet, PLEASE DO IT! This is an amazing effort put together by Bloomington concert promotion company Spirit of ’68 Promotions, with the help and support of indie musicians and labels, to help raise funds for a dear friend of mine and his newborn son. Continue reading “Musical Delights & Rare Albums Up For Bids In Online Benefit Auction”


“Calgary”: New Bon Iver Track is HERE

If you haven’t heard yet, a track has been released from the upcoming Bon Iver album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver. It’s called “Calgary” and it is quite a beautiful piece. It’s different from any song from For Emma, Forever Ago, but who would want the same album twice? From first listen this song has a kind of new-wave(y) vibe and a lot of experimentation with different sounds. Above all it’s UPBEAT and UPLIFTING in tone, which is great, because no matter how beautiful For Emma is, it remains an album that I cannot get through without thinking of my deepest, saddest, insecurities and feeling the urge to grab a couch, grab a tub of ice cream, and wallow in my pathetic shortcomings. Here’s to an album to (hopefully) be on the mix tape for summer road trips.

Not only is the new track available for FREE DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW, you can also bust out the ol’ credit card and pre-order the album with some sweet bonus items!

New Bon Iver Album Details confirmed

Early last week a lot of people saw this video clip and got all psyched about the potential follow-up album to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. Within minutes the music news and blogosphere were buzzing with speculations and exclamations about what the new album would sound like and what people did or didn’t want it to be. Mind you, all of this talk was based on a 51-second clip of sound and imagery.

Personally, I like to be a little more patient about things like this. The true details will always come forward in no time, and I don’t like to jump to quick conclusions about a full body of work based on a tiny spec of information. Also, I really don’t want to support the growing trend of making Twitter seem newsworthy. It really disgusts me to hear news reporters quote a “tweet” on-air as a validated opinion. I’m old fashioned I suppose, and just like to see a more detailed and credible source.  But enough about me.  Within a week’s time the band’s label Jagjaguwar has come forward with details about the new album and its full tracklisting.

The album, which will be self-titled, is set for release on June of this year. It features ten tracks, many named for locations, and was recorded in a vet clinic-turned-recording studio in Fall Creek, Wisconsin. I’m not going to repeat the beautiful details that are already available about this album, so if you are really curious to know it all, please check out the label’s post, and keep your eyes and ears open for more new music from this artist

Album Review: Maps & Atlases “Perch Patchwork”

For Maps & Atlases fans, it’s time to rejoice!  After 6+ years, the band has FINALLY got it together and released a full-length album.  With twelve tracks erupting with creativity, compelling lyrics/vocals, and complex musicality, Perch Patchwork successfully delivers a sound that you just can never get enough of.  As the band’s debut on indie label Barsuk Records (Ra Ra Riot, David Bazan, Death Cab for Cutie), Perch Patchwork reveals a band that has taken the time to explore and develop its ever-changing sound. Continue reading “Album Review: Maps & Atlases “Perch Patchwork””

Live Video: Peter Gabriel’s “Flume” Cover

Back in February I wrote a post about Peter Gabriel’s cover of Bon Iver’s “Flume” for his 2010 covers album Scratch My Back.  I really enjoyed the cover and thought it was a lovely emotional depiction of the opening track to the breakout Bon Iver album For Emma, Forever Ago.  The way the song was re-worked to feature strings and brass gave it a new tone, in a great way, and Gabriel’s vocal dynamics throughout the verses and choruses were extremely moving.

However, I recently came across a video on YouTube of a live performance of the song, and I don’t know, it just didn’t really rub me the right way.  The song was still great, but something about the digital light show of lines and explosions just seemed a little too “epic” or “larger than life” for the performance of that particular song.  I could just be letting it get to me too much, but have a look for yourself and you be the judge.

While we’re on the subject, Continue reading “Live Video: Peter Gabriel’s “Flume” Cover”

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