New Song: e.p. hall – “The Voice That Burns is Mine”

It’s always been a constant waiting game with former Bloomington songstress e.p. hall. Pulled between her commitments to both academia and songwriting, muse Elise Percy was either locked away in post-graduate studies or on tour with whichever talented bandmates she could round up. Now, her studies have taken her far from Bloomington to Ontario, Canada and just when we thought we’d heard the last from her before another scholarly seclusion, Percy announced the free download of a new song “The Voice That Burns is Mine” on Halloween. Continue reading “New Song: e.p. hall – “The Voice That Burns is Mine””


New Song: e.p. hall – “Mechanical Hands”

Just about to head out to Halloween festivities and found this delightful news on Facebook. The one and only e.p. hall finally has a tasty new track that everyone needs to download into their Halloween baskets RIGHT NOW!

Photo by Sarah Law Photography

The track is called “Mechanical Hands” and is beautiful in all ways e.p. hall’s music is.  There are mechanical sounds in the low-fi background, almost sounding like crickets and late-afternoon bugs chirping in an echo-y air chamber. And Elise Percy’s lovely voice sings on with a loose and soulful style. Trust me, you’ll spend your whole evening with the haunting refrain in your head: “You can ink what you say, but you want what you take.”

Download the track on the e.p. hall website, and you’ll want to take this demo now, as Elise has promised that a completely different version of the song will appear on her next album.

Or just listen: Mechanical Hands by e.p. hall

Summertime, Tourtime

As summer is upon us, change is happening everywhere. If you are like me, you have just graduated and are looking for a job (hint, hint to employers). If you are kind of like me, you just graduated and HAVE a job (hats off to you!). But either way in a college town like Bloomington, it’s the time to celebrate since many of the usually constantly flooded streets are a little less busy and a little more enjoyable. Why? A majority of the students are gone, and the people who actually love to call this place home are more visible. Let the fun begin…but wait, something is missing. Where are the bands?? Continue reading “Summertime, Tourtime”

Best Albums of 2009

It’s that time of year. All blogs are compiling their “Best Of” lists, and so it is my duty as a music blogger to mark this year in music according to my tastes. At first thought, it took me a while to really remember how many albums I got excited about this year, how many I LOVED, and which ones were actually released this year, but after sorting through my head and giving it some thought, I think I’ve finally got it together. Here’s HipsterSpinster‘s list of favorite albums of the year 2009 Continue reading “Best Albums of 2009”

Best of 2009 Awards

In true fashion of the end-of-the-year rush for music bloggers to compact the year’s music into lists and rankings, I’ve been thinking about categorizing the year in music. What categories stick out for me and why? Here are HipsterSpinster’s awards for the year.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Lady GaGa

Alright. Yes. Lady GaGa. She’s candy right? Pop, Glamour, Fashion, Drama. Personality wise, this woman scares the crap out of me. But I just can’t help it, 2009 was the Year of Lady GaGa.  Pop as she may be Continue reading “Best of 2009 Awards”

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