Episode 2: The Mike Adams Show

The second episode of The Mike Adams Show has made its way to YouTube and is full of laughs, stories, and wonderful guests. This episode is all about the letter “E” featuring guests Erin Tobey (musician, artist, role model), Eric Harvey (music writer, blogger, graduate student, and musical guest Elephant Micah. Addison Rogers made a triumphant return, accepting a co-hosting role. And lastly, with the addition of a hamburger candle it’s obvious that this episode is not to be missed.

Produced by Flannelgraph Records


Episode 1: The Mike Adams Show

While we wait for a new episode of Midwest Underground, another local web series is coming up in Bloomington. Check out the first episode of the Flannelgraph Records produced The Mike Adams Show, hosted by local musician Mike Adams (husband&wife, Mike Adams at His Honest Weight, Prayer Breakfast, etc.). The entertaining Letterman-inspired talk show features Adams at the talk desk chatting with guests and reacting to audience sound-bites. The first episode includes local guests Addison Rogers, Christy Deines, and musical guest Chad Serhal. Packed with plenty of genuine laughs and responses, I was hooked within the first six minutes. Let’s hope for more episodes!

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New Music: “The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten: Volume 3” – Flannelgraph Records

Artwork by Gavin Smith

The third installment of local record label Flannelgraph Records‘ holiday compilation The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten is now available! For those unfamiliar with the project, each year since 2010, Flannelgraph Records has released a compilation album of original, instrumental, holiday-inspired songs contributed from musicians, bands, and friends of the label. Continue reading “New Music: “The Holidays Don’t Have To Be So Rotten: Volume 3” – Flannelgraph Records”

New Music: “Mother” EP – New Terrors

You know that feeling when you kind of know someone and you aren’t sure what to expect from them, but when they show you something of themselves you are completely blown away? That’s my relationship with New Terrors, a solo project by Bloomington musician Burke Sullivan.

The debut EP Mother from New Terrors was officially released April 10th on local label Flannelgraph Records, and I couldn’t be more excited. Continue reading “New Music: “Mother” EP – New Terrors”

Coming Soon: “mother” Debut EP from New Terrors

Local record label Flannelgraph Records announced the release date for new artist New Terrors‘ debut EP mother, which is due out April 10, 2012. New Terrors is the music of newly local musician Burke Sullivan, yet Sullivan is no stranger to the Midwest music scene. I first met Sullivan back in 2007, as he was wrapping up his drumming gig with now-defunct Marion, IN punk(ish) band Away With Vega. He then played/sat-in with many other acts including Rodeo Ruby Love and Owlsburg, before moving to Bloomington in 2011 and settling in as the new drummer for local indie-rock band husband&wife.

New Terrors is a more electronic-based project from Sullivan, as side I have not seen much of before, but am definitely enjoying.

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