Start Kicking: Two Indiana Musical Causes That Need Your Support

Two new Kickstarter campaigns caught my attention this week and BOTH are from musical projects based in Indiana. If you are not quite familiar with Kickstarter yet, it is a popular “crowdfunding” website, meaning people can set up online profiles detailing projects that they are raising funds to complete with a deadline and fundraising goal. Anyone who visits the page has an open opportunity to pledge money toward the project’s completion. If the goal amount is raised by the set deadline, the project will be funded by those pledges. If the goal amount is not met, the project is not funded, and none of the pledges are carried through. It’s a great way to not only raise funds for projects that may otherwise not happen, but to a way to connect people, ideas, and common interests. It also helps spread awareness and creativity. Continue reading “Start Kicking: Two Indiana Musical Causes That Need Your Support”

Kickstarter: “Made Handsome”

I have been a fan of Kickstarter since I heard about it about two years ago on a website.  Pretty soon I was invited to a friend’s campaign, and have since checked back to the site periodically, just to see what ideas people need help with.  It’s great to see communities build support around a cause.  Sometimes the support comes from friends, sometimes from complete strangers, but it still means a lot to see people pledging their hard-earned dollars toward your goal.  I mean, remember pledging campaigns you did in elementary school?  Pledging jump rope time, races, hula-hooping contests…it felt great when your neighbors wanted to lend their support.

Now one of my friends is in need of said support.

I met Nate Utesch by accident back in 2007, when I was visiting my family in Fort Wayne on break from school.  I went to see a band that I had seen perform in Bloomington while they were touring, and Nate’s band, Metavari, just so happened to be playing their first show.  Their electronic-based, instrumental, indie sound resonated well with me, and I became a fan.  It was only after noting his skills as a musician, that I became aware of Nate Utesch, the artist. Continue reading “Kickstarter: “Made Handsome””

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