Favorite Odds and Ends of 2011

Now that the big “Albums of the Year” and “Local Albums of the Year” posts are done, I’ve had time to think about all the other odds and ends of music and popular culture that I enjoyed last year. This post includes such titles as favorite song, favorite TV show, and my favorite concert, among many others. Continue reading “Favorite Odds and Ends of 2011”


New Video: Maps & Atlases “Israeli Caves”

It only took 56 seconds for me to realize this is probably one of the cutest music videos I have ever seen. Following the hilarious video the band made for “Living Decorations“, Maps & Atlases is back with another entertaining video for the track “Israeli Caves“. This one is a bit more charming and less over the top (no choreographed dance session), but equally another great artistic and fun statement to accompany the band’s artistic and intriguing music.

I don’t like to give anything away, but here are my top three reasons to love this video:

1. Cute Kid

2. Cute Kid Plotting Revenge

3. Fight scene that rivals the one in PUSA’s “Peaches” video


“Israeli Caves” is the third single from 2010’s Perch Patchwork [Barsuk], and it seems the band is in serious high gear about making the right moves to get their music out there.  What I love about this video, as well as the others, is that while there is a great, captivating visual story being told, the music neither overpowers nor becomes background to what is happening on-screen.  It’s an entertaining short story, set to a pleasant song, and the two work well together.

New Song: Maps & Atlases “Banished Be Cavalier”


So anyone who has spent time with me knows that I absolutely LOVE the Chicago band Maps & Atlases Continue reading “New Song: Maps & Atlases “Banished Be Cavalier””

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