New Video: Laura K. Balke “Old Friend”

Indianapolis musician Laura K. Balke has been on a roll lately. Since releasing Rumors & Legends in November, she has embarked on an east coast tour, taken part in a challenging songwriting goal, and released the deeply emotional music video for “Not For This“. Continue reading “New Video: Laura K. Balke “Old Friend””


New Video: “Not For This” – Laura K. Balke

Artwork by Xack Gibson

Indianapolis musician Laura K. Balke has released a music video for “Not For This“, a track from her 2011 album Rumors & Legends. A song about inner strength in the face of challenge, “Not For This” is an inspiring song, and the video effectively portrays its message in a powerful way. Continue reading “New Video: “Not For This” – Laura K. Balke”

Album Review: Laura K. Balke “Rumors & Legends”

I can still remember the first time I saw Laura K. Balke perform. I attended a small show in a Warsaw, Indiana back n the summer of 2007 at the short-lived Round Round Records store, where the Pierceton, IN native opened for an acoustic Rodeo Ruby Love, playing sweet, simple songs on her guitar, often accompanied by her younger brother on piano. Even then, I could see that with more time, dedication, and experience, her songs would grow to be stories and tales of a Midwestern life carefully observed. Now four years later, Balke has released her third full-length album, Rumors & Legends, with a more mature and evolved sound than ever before.

Rumors & Legends displays Balke’s ability to be more than just a singer-songwriter. Continue reading “Album Review: Laura K. Balke “Rumors & Legends””

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