New Video: Cast Spells “Glamorous Glowing”

The official video for “Glamorous Glowing”, the first single from Cast Spells‘s 2009 EP Bright Works and Baton is here.

hmm, yeah… that was…unexpected.  Felt a lot like when I got hyped, clicked the link and saw this for the first time.

Oh well, still a great song, and it was awesome to hear it LIVE when Cast Spells’s Dave Davison performed it with his other band Maps & Atlases last week in Bloomington.


Preview: Maps & Atlases @ the Bishop

Maps & Atlases are coming to Bloomington on Tuesday. They will be delivering amazing sounds at The Bishop with Tera Melos and The Globes. You should be attending.

…If you don’t know who this band is and why you should go…well, just click this ‘tag’ for ‘maps & atlases‘ and read everything I have ever written about them on this blog. If you just aren’t planning on going at all, well, I don’t even know how to respond to that, in fact, I don’t know why you bothered clicking on this post at all.


If you came to the blog post to be convinced that you should go to the show, then I will tell you this:

The first time I heard of Maps & Atlases, I wasn’t prepared…at all. Continue reading “Preview: Maps & Atlases @ the Bishop”

Maps & Atlases…for the club.

In honor of Maps & Atlases‘ October European tour, UK Magazine Rock Sound has made their track “Living Decorations” available for free download. But don’t get all “that’s so two months ago” about it yet, it’s NOT the album version featured on Perch Patchwork. Instead, they are offering a download to the Breton Labs REMIX of the track, and I must say, it does have a certain groove quality to it.


New Video: Maps & Atlases “Solid Ground”

Photo by Drew Reynolds

It seems Maps & Atlases are truly on their way to becoming the band we’ve always known they can be.  Their first official music video ready for “Solid Ground”, the first single from their recently released Perch Patchwork.

I don’t think I have to say how happy this makes me. And I really don’t think a fancy introduction is necessary either. I will just say that Chris’s hair looks very beautiful, Erin looks adorably intriguing playing the flute, Shiraz…well, is Shiraz, and I have a constant fear of Dave drowning in his own hair by the end of the video.

That being said, enjoy.

Maps & Atlases + Drumlines = Beautiful Music and Smiles

I recently posted my review of my beloved Maps & Atlases new release Perch Patchwork, and mentioned the drumline-like drums in the second track “The Charm”.  Turns out, that was right.  Check out this great article and video about the band collaborating with a school drumline to get that big booming sound for a live session with 🙂

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