New Video: The Khanz – “Falling Apart”

It’s been one super productive year for Aussie act The Khanz who have been busy releasing singles and videos to keep us occupied until the new album is ready. The latest video/single is called “Falling Apart” and features mind-scrambling videography. Brace yourself for rapid stop-motion scenes as you take in the lyrics. The track speaks on the difficulties of letting go and how that can not only drag a person down, but those around them as well.


New Video: Cooked Books – “Funny Games”

Bloomington band Cooked Books gave us all a reason to wake up with a smile and dance out of the post-July 4th haze. The band has just released the music video for track “Funny Games” from their highly anticipated (and much-delayed) debut release The Reader. Tagged on the video is a release date of July 31 on local label Let’s Pretend Records. Continue reading “New Video: Cooked Books – “Funny Games””

New Video: Maps & Atlases “Old Ash”

Maps & Atlases released a new video today for “Old Ash” from last year’s Beware & Be Grateful. Continue reading “New Video: Maps & Atlases “Old Ash””

New Video: Murder By Death “Lost River”

I thought I was ready to call it a night, and then I saw this beautifully animated video for Murder By Death‘s “Lost River”.

This video for “Lost River” premiered yesterday on SPIN and is directed by O’Death’s Gabe Darling. Continue reading “New Video: Murder By Death “Lost River””

New Video: Andy D – “He’s A Freak”

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Andy D just released a new video.

Our favorite party werewolf Andy D has just released a new video for the track “He’s A Freak” off the 2012 album Warcries (Rad Summer). The stop-motion animated video (directed by a wonderful & talented Bloomingtonian Sahar P.D.) features a handcrafted set and detailed characters, the Andy D figure is even complete with a fanny-pack and rattail as he lusts after Anna Vision through a crowded city. “He’s A Freak” is a groove-heavy track full of keyboards, guitar riffs, and Andy D’s classic in-your-face lyrics. For an added bonus, this song features guest vocals from Dick Valentine of Electric Six.

Bonus Vid: At Home with Andy D

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