HipsterSpinster’s Favorite Videos of 2017

There was a lot of great music in 2017, but also, so pretty cool music videos that caught my attention. It can be difficult to capture visually what a song is trying to say, especially when that meaning becomes subjective when it’s cycled through the life experiences of a listener. Here are a few videos that I enjoyed and felt inspired by this year. Continue reading “HipsterSpinster’s Favorite Videos of 2017”


New Video: The Vallures “Gimme Some Lovin'”

Bloomington’s resident Motown-esque throwbacks The Vallures are getting it together for a summer of concerts, recording, and making up some beautiful retro outfits to perform in. In the meantime, however, the ladies (and Bryce) found some time to make a few music videos out at Sleepwalk Recording with the talented Kevin Winkler (ShutterShock Productions, Midwest Underground) working the camera magic.

Check out their cover of “Gimme Some Lovin‘” (made popular by Spencer Davis Group). This really showcases the band at work: dancin’, singin’, and having a great time. When The Vallures get on stage, it is impossible not to end up on the dance floor. Check out more new videos from The Vallures including “Blowing Up My Mind”, “Repossession Man”, and “Dance! Before the Police Come” on Vimeo.

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