HipsterSpinster’s Favorite Videos of 2017

There was a lot of great music in 2017, but also, so pretty cool music videos that caught my attention. It can be difficult to capture visually what a song is trying to say, especially when that meaning becomes subjective when it’s cycled through the life experiences of a listener. Here are a few videos that I enjoyed and felt inspired by this year. Continue reading “HipsterSpinster’s Favorite Videos of 2017”


New Video: “Fever” – Maps & Atlases Debuts on NPR


After a week of social media teases involving photo clips and the hashtag “#fever”, a new music video from Chicago band Maps & Atlases is finally available for our viewing pleasure. “Fever” is the second track from 2012’s Beware & Be Grateful to receive video treatment and involves a storyline of addiction. The video debuted this morning on NPR, with details and notes from Maps & Atlases guitarist and video director Erin Elders: watch and read here.

Milagres on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts

Photo by: Eric ScwortzYou may remember a Brooklyn band I featured last year by the name of Milagres. The band played a great show in Bloomington and went on to release what  struck me as the Best Album on 2011, Glowing Mouth. Amidst a winter season of sessions and touring, the band stopped by the NPR offices for a Tiny Desk Concert. Check out the session, featuring wonderful live renditions of the album’s first three tracks “Here To Stay”, “Halfway”, and “Glowing Mouth”. The band heads back out for a national tour in early March (returning to Bloomington on April 3!)

Milagres: Tiny Desk Concert

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