Sunday Night Dance Party: “Solid State Cello” – Shannon Hayden

Before you think, “Umm cello…dance party?”, just trust me. Shannon Hayden‘s sophomore release Solid State Cello is my favorite album to come out of 2012. This young musician is seriously talented and takes her classical cello training and excellent musical ear through composition aerobics in this album. Combining electronic looping devices, vocals, a little guitar, and (of course) the cello, Hayden creates an album that is genre-less, boundary-less and a musical study that will have you convinced that everything that you thought you knew about the cello is severely flawed. Continue reading “Sunday Night Dance Party: “Solid State Cello” – Shannon Hayden”


New Music: Shannon Hayden – “Solid State Cello”

Sometimes ‘multi-instrumentalist’ just doesn’t say enough. Shannon Hayden is one such example. On first glance, she’s a classically trained cellist, but only moments into her music listeners are thrown for a loop…literally. Continue reading “New Music: Shannon Hayden – “Solid State Cello””

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