DM Stith: Spirit Ditch EP

If you’ve read this blog at all in the year 2010, then you should be pretty sure who my favorite artist was over the past year: DM Stith. In the course of one year I now only met him and saw him perform live, but spent much time in the local record store collecting all of his albums. David Stith is an amazingly talented songwriter and performer: EVERYONE should be checking out his music. That being said, you can only imagine my heartbreak and disappointment when Stith moved back to his homestate New York, leaving our beautiful college town (Bloomington, IN) behind.

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DM Stith: My Healthy Obsession

About two months ago I posted a video for a DM Stith song “Thanksgiving Moon” in the In Love section of this blog. A friend and I had been discussing the musician and trying to crack the mystery of his status as a “local musician”. All we knew was that we loved his music, he was signed to Asthmatic Kitty, and either had previously or still currently lived in Bloomington. I’d heard his music and even knew some people had mentioned him or knew him, but he rarely performs here, and so the obsession began.

I started poking around, checking out more of his music, his website/blog, so that when the day came, I would be ready. And so for the past few months I was sort of on this unofficial mission to find him Continue reading “DM Stith: My Healthy Obsession”

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