Musical Delights & Rare Albums Up For Bids In Online Benefit Auction

If you have been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed quite a few posts lately about an online auction. If you haven’t checked it out yet, PLEASE DO IT! This is an amazing effort put together by Bloomington concert promotion company Spirit of ’68 Promotions, with the help and support of indie musicians and labels, to help raise funds for a dear friend of mine and his newborn son. Continue reading “Musical Delights & Rare Albums Up For Bids In Online Benefit Auction”


Favorite Artist of 2010: DM Stith

If you spent any time reading this blog in 2010, you know that I was all about DM Stith last year.  I can’t believe such a talented artist was living in my town, and I didn’t even know about it until he was ready to leave.  When I first heard his song “Thanksgiving Moon” back in 2009, I was just so intrigued by its eerie tone, and this almost quiet, strangely haunting voice that seemed to come out of nowhere.  It took a few months for me to finally come back to it, but when a friend asked me if I knew anything about him I went on a quest of my own to get better acquainted with his music.

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DM Stith: Spirit Ditch EP

If you’ve read this blog at all in the year 2010, then you should be pretty sure who my favorite artist was over the past year: DM Stith. In the course of one year I now only met him and saw him perform live, but spent much time in the local record store collecting all of his albums. David Stith is an amazingly talented songwriter and performer: EVERYONE should be checking out his music. That being said, you can only imagine my heartbreak and disappointment when Stith moved back to his homestate New York, leaving our beautiful college town (Bloomington, IN) behind.

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Best of 2009 Awards

In true fashion of the end-of-the-year rush for music bloggers to compact the year’s music into lists and rankings, I’ve been thinking about categorizing the year in music. What categories stick out for me and why? Here are HipsterSpinster’s awards for the year.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Lady GaGa

Alright. Yes. Lady GaGa. She’s candy right? Pop, Glamour, Fashion, Drama. Personality wise, this woman scares the crap out of me. But I just can’t help it, 2009 was the Year of Lady GaGa.  Pop as she may be Continue reading “Best of 2009 Awards”

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