Cloud Control Hits the USA (but not the Midwest)…again.

I’m always contemplating my grand exodus from the Midwest, but I really get the urge to just pack everything in the car and leave when my favorite foreign bands finally visit the U.S, play only a limited number of dates, and skip the Midwest like there’s nothing out here but corn. But alas, this is the case again with one of my faves Australia’s (but we’ve been living and recording in London) Cloud Control. Continue reading “Cloud Control Hits the USA (but not the Midwest)…again.”


New Music: “Roll Around” – The Khanz

A great experience abroad changes a person. It doesn’t matter how long or short your visit is, connecting with another world gives you a personal attachment that lasts a lifetime. I’m convinced Sydney, Australia is my spirit animal and I love keeping tabs on the bands I was introduced to during my time there (and some even after I left!)

Sydney band, The Khanz, have just released “Roll Around“, the first single from their upcoming, yet-to-be-titled, debut album. “Roll Around” takes its cue from the realization of how impulse and desire can take over clear thinking. Sometimes we just get in over our heads. Of course, The Khanz deliver this message in their upbeat electro-pop-rock hybrid style which includes adorable dance-worthy beats, chilling vocal harmonies, and well-balanced use of keyboards and guitars. The band’s new album is currently in production, but in the meantime you can enjoy “Roll Around” via SoundCloud, Spotify, or iTunes.

New Song: Cloud Control “This Is What I Said”, Debut Album Coming Soon

How do you put an end to a perfect day?? You don’t, you just keep letting the good vibes flow. Today was one of the first decently nice school days in Bloomington; the sun was shining, breeze was cool, AND it was Free Breadstick Day at Pizza X. I did some hanging out, bike riding, and even got to watch some old school episodes of Doug. I thought I was heading home to end my near-perfect day by doing homework, but luckily I check Facebook first and saw an exciting post in my Newsfeed:

My favorite Aussie-indie darlings, Cloud Control, have released a new single from their upcoming album Bliss Release. The track is called “This Is What I Said” and it’s a fun, poppy tune that you just can’t shake off once you’ve heard it. It’s filled with warm vocals and a beautifully catchy guitar melody. It sounds kind of like waking up late on a summer day, filling up a bowl with your favorite cereal, and pouring sugar on it just as the summer sun pours into your kitchen window. Yeah, that’s it.

Any way check out the tune on the band’s Facebook or MySpace page, and expect the new album out in May (hopefully on iTunes for those of us on the other side of the world).

Josh Pyke reminds me of Bon Iver, and I like that.

My desire to explore and observe the Sydney music scene has led me to discover some really talented musicians and refreshing sounds. I’m excited to bring some new favorites home to add to my collection. One artist in particular really struck a chord with me, and that was Josh Pyke. Continue reading “Josh Pyke reminds me of Bon Iver, and I like that.”

Hey Guys, I’ve been published

Hello all,

In music news, I’d like to share an article I wrote that was put in Sydney magazine The Brag. My internship, Music NSW, has an all-ages project called Indent that posts a column called The Minor Chord, weekly, and I guess this was my week. Cool.

July 7, 2009 Issue of "The Brag"

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