New Video: Charlie Patton’s War – “Vincennes”

Vincennes” is a new song by local blues-rock band Charlie Patton’s War which takes on a more serious tone that the band’s previous songs. Described in the video as a ‘work-in-progress’, the song will be featured on the band’s debut album, due out April 25th. This video was shot live back in February when Indiana University’s student radio station WIUX collaborated with the University Players student theater group to present what will hopefully become a regularly occurring entertainment series called Live from the Black Box. Continue reading “New Video: Charlie Patton’s War – “Vincennes””


New Video: The Broderick – “Little Money and the Night Off”


If you are looking for a dose of childhood nostalgia and an appreciated of large-print font, check out the new music video for “Little Money and the Night Off” by local band The Broderick. The second video from the 2012 self-titled debut to not feature the band, “A Little Money and the Night Off” is set over some classic Saturday morning cartoons, with the lyrics playfully danced across the screen. The tune is an old favorite so please enjoy and check out the new album.

New Video: “Battle With The Baker” – The Broderick

I was already on ‘cloud nine’ Thursday evening at The Bishop watching The Broderick perform every song from the band’s long-awaited debut album, The Broderick, but that wasn’t all that was in store for fans. The band also released a new music video for “Battle With The Baker” earlier that day. The video, spawned from one Bloomington’s creative dream teams of Addie Snider, Andy Beargie, and Kevin Winkler is a masterpiece of animation, art, and visual concept. Enjoy.

New Music: “On The Canvas” – The Broderick

In an attempt to convince me that the band will actually release an album next month, local indie rockers The Broderick released a new track today from its (supposedly) upcoming album The Broderick. Check out “On The Canvas” on bandcamp.

The Broderick plans to release its much-anticipated debut album on October 25; and album release show will be held at The Bishop that evening with musical guests The Kernal.

New Music: The Broderick – “Little Money and the Night Off”

Photo by Mike Mullen

It looks like The Broderick is at it again. The Bloomington rock combo has made a new track from the bands forthcoming (which has yet to receive a due date) entitled “Little Money and the Night Off“. Give it a listen quick, you never know how long it will be available!

Also, check out a live version of the song in its earlier stages. Here it is under the title “Nothing Something Nothing” as recorded for the third episode of Midwest Underground in 2011:

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