Daytrotter Session – The Donkeys


San Diego quartet The Donkeys recently made its fourth session with Daytrotter performing songs from 2011’s Born With Stripes (Dead Oceans). Continue reading “Daytrotter Session – The Donkeys”


HipsterSpinster’s Best Albums of 2011

Here we are wrapping up yet another year of music. It’s always interesting to see how one’s tastes can shift and what albums stick out the most from year to year. This year, I think albums that really stuck out were those that were “musically curious“. I was inspired by artists who weren’t afraid to deviate from their ‘bread-and-butter’ sound, changing things up, exploring, and breaking the limits of their supposed sound. Here are the albums that I could not get enough of in 2011! Continue reading “HipsterSpinster’s Best Albums of 2011”

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