HipsterSpinster’s Top 10 Local Albums of 2011

Bloomington, Indiana has an amazingly impressive music scene, and not just for being located in the agricultural center of the US. The sheer volume of creative people in this town is unbelievable, from musicians and visual artists to authors and technology buffs, this town is overflowing with innovators just waiting to roll out something new. I started a list last month of albums released by Bloomington musicians/bands and came up with at least fifty-five albums/EPs, and if you have ever set foot in our small college town, you’d understand why that is an incredible amount of new music for only one year (and I know there are probably at least 5 albums that I  missed). Sorting through all of the sounds, here are the albums that stole my attention.

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Listen Up: The Hollows “Terrifying Things”

The Hollows

The Hollows represents a great Bloomington band with a deep history.  The band recently released Sweetie EP, its first recording since it’s 2006 debut album Darlings of Naught.  This song has been stuck in my head all week for a myriad of reasons.  First of all, it’s great.  I’m not even a huge fan of things that linger toward the country style, but when it’s good – it’s good.


If you don’t know much about The Hollows, it’s mainly the music of Kate Long, with beautiful accompaniment by friends and fellow local musicians Alex Mann, Brad Baute, Michael Kapinus, and Pete Schreiner. In its humble beginnings, the band consisted of Long, Mann, and Evan Farrell of The Japonize Elephants, Magnolia Electric Co., Rogue Wave.   Barely a year after the release of Darlings of Naught, Farrell died in an unfortunate fire at his home in California in December of 2007.  This put the band on a much needed pause for a few years.  It did not however, put an end to Long’s creative need to put pen to paper.  Finally back with a revised lineup up and new tunes, Sweetie EP was released this summer and has been capturing ears and hearts ever since.

The next reason I love this song is that it’s inspired by Long’s daughter, Coco.  It’s amazing to stop and think about the world through the eyes of a child.  Everything is so new and there is so much to understand.  I remember about three years back, when I was a lowly, envelope-stuffing intern at Secretly Canadian, and Coco used to come in, dazzling everyone with her charm, bopping around the building in between her first and second years of life.  That little girl just celebrated a birthday recently and I just can’t believe how time has flown.  I’m pretty sure she will remain an adorably curious toddler to all who know her when they listen to this song.

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