Free Dodos Tickets?? YES PLEASE!

I love The Dodos.  Like seriously.  If I could spend the day just walking around eating at a restaurant with an outdoor seating area and hanging out with this band, that would be the life. Continue reading “Free Dodos Tickets?? YES PLEASE!”


I Need a Garage…

…so that Foo Fighters can rock out in it!

Say what you want about Foo Fighters and their new album Wasting Light, but the idea to promote the new album by playing in garages across North America is GENIUS!!!! Bring the music to the people!

PS: I am not ashamed to admit that I got a little teary-eyed while watching this.

R. Stevie Moore Lands in Bloomington

It’s been a week since I was introduced to R. Stevie Moore and his music, and I am still finding the words to describe the experience.  Deemed a “lo-fi legend” and “Father of Home Recording”, Moore has recorded over 2,000 original songs from 1968 until present and is currently embarking on his first national and international tour.  I wasn’t familiar with Moore nor his music prior to meeting him, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I found was that the many years of practice, exploration, and making music mainly for self-enjoyment has given R. Stevie Moore a quality that most musicians today forget to nurture in their rush to record and get noticed: musical curiosity. Continue reading “R. Stevie Moore Lands in Bloomington”

Rodeo Ruby Love: BIG SUMMER TOUR and Album Re-Release

Photo by Gabrielle Cheikh Photography

Great news in Indiana music today as longtime friends Rodeo Ruby Love have announced they will be working with Pentimento Music Company to re-release their third full-length album This Is Why We Don’t Have Nice Things (2010).

In addition to re-releasing the album, the Ruby crew will be heading out on a six-week tour with Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish.  This tour will be nationwide from coast-to-coast starting in July (don’t worry it will be after we all party down of the 4th) and finishing up in mid-August.

As someone who has been following this band for 5+ years now, this is definitely great news for a deserving group of musicians.

For more information and tour dates check out the band’s post.

Also, keep tabs on the Rodeo Adventures via the band’s Tour Blog and Twitter!

DM Stith: Spirit Ditch EP

If you’ve read this blog at all in the year 2010, then you should be pretty sure who my favorite artist was over the past year: DM Stith. In the course of one year I now only met him and saw him perform live, but spent much time in the local record store collecting all of his albums. David Stith is an amazingly talented songwriter and performer: EVERYONE should be checking out his music. That being said, you can only imagine my heartbreak and disappointment when Stith moved back to his homestate New York, leaving our beautiful college town (Bloomington, IN) behind.

Continue reading “DM Stith: Spirit Ditch EP”

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